Engineered for Performance

UltraGard automotive film is an attractive and cost effective car enhancement product that offers much more than just good looks.

UltraGard protects you, your passengers and your vehicleís interior from the sunís intense heat and damaging ultra violet rays. UltraGard improves cabin comfort by increasing air conditioner efficiency and decreasing eye strain from the sunís annoying glare.

UltraGard increases safety by holding shattered glass in place, protecting you, your passengers and your property from flying glass and debris. UltraGard is coated with a durable adhesive and scratch resistant finish that provides easy care & maintenance with long lasting protection.

UltraGard is available in a range of options, grades and shades to suit you, your vehicle and your budget.

Talk to your UltraGard dealer today for advice on selecting the one thatís just right for you!

Whole Of Life Ownership
Warranty Cover

Enjoy absolute peace of mind, knowing that UltraGard is guaranteed for as long as you own your car, against peeling, bubbling, cracking, changing colour or loss of performance in any measurable way.
Youíre 100% protected Australia-wide!